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1 uk bestessays 10/10

-Prices from ยฃ17.35

Promo code for 20% Off "first20"

-Free revisions

2 essayontime uk 9.5/10

-Discount code for 15% OFF "ukessay15"

-UK Based Company

-Prices starts from ยฃ15.48 per page

3 uk dissertation 9.2/10

-All writers MA/PHD Degree

-100% Custom written papers

Prices starts from ยฃ17.99 Review


Rating 3.5/10

UK Essay is one of the latest additions to the writing market. They started working only three years ago. As a result, we found a limited number of UkEssay reviews online. Most of them were bad news, so we decided to dig deeper and do our own, unbiased uk essay review.

Firstly, we checked the website of the Uk Essay writing company. Itโ€™s plain in design and lacks some important information. However, we decided to let this pass since the company is new. Most companies tend to build their websites as they gain experience working with students.

Now letโ€™s proceed with our review.

UK Essay Services Overview

The service list at this uk essay writing service isnโ€™t what weโ€™d call exhaustive. Still, there is an option โ€˜otherโ€™ found in the list, so you can probably ask for a paper thatโ€™s not defined in the list.

Even without this option, has a good choice of services and products that combine writing, editing, and proofreading. In terms of custom writing, they deliver different essay types, reviews and reports, dissertations, theses, term papers, research papers, homework, coursework, etc.

Despite the fact that their website is undeveloped and at times too vague, this list is good news. Now, letโ€™s see what else they have for their customers.

UKEssay Prices

This part is why we rated their website as plain and too vague. You wonโ€™t know this until you decide to order, but is in fact, a bidding company. This means that they have no paper price we can show you. How much youโ€™ll be charged will depend greatly on what you order and what the writers decide to charge you for it.

When you get enough bids, you can go through the prices and choose the one you like best. In uk essay reviews, the prices are said to vary by a lot. We also confirmed this when we placed an order and the bidders made bids from below $10 and up to $30 for a page.

Naturally, you want to get a low price. But, because of the reputation of the company that isnโ€™t so great, we would recommend that you focus more on qualifications and less on the bidding amount. In our case, most bids were ridiculously low, which was definitely a sign of a writerโ€™s bad quality.

If you donโ€™t have time to go through all this, they offer a solution. Not all bidding companies do it, but this one has an offer to choose your writer. But, it doesnโ€™t come free of charge โ€“ they take ยฃ6.99 for this. It can be very frustrating once you know that most companies do this for free.

Discounts Policy

All the uk essay writing service reviews pointed out to the same thing โ€“ you canโ€™t expect discounts here. There isnโ€™t a uk essay discount code to use. There arenโ€™t occasional special offers or a loyalty program of any kind.

The bidding system does not allow it. Itโ€™s expected because without a fixed price, there canโ€™t be a fixed discount. But, the good part is, you can choose the bid you find most appropriate and save money that way.

Even so, we see the lack of loyalty discounts as a big disadvantage. In most writing companies, you can get better and better prices as you order more. Here, you can never know what youโ€™ll pay or how well the writer will do. And judged by what people say about the company, the writers arenโ€™t really qualified after all.

Other Features

There arenโ€™t many special features here. Thereโ€™s the option to let them choose your writer thatโ€™s paid extra. This lets them offer urgent assistance. Moreover, they have a 24/7 support service on live chat.

We reached out to them, but arenโ€™t very happy with the results. It was fast, but definitely fake. We spoke to a computer instead of a real agent, so most of the answers werenโ€™t fitting to our questions. When we called them on the phone, the agent we spoke to had a terrible accent and almost no knowledge of the English language. This made it impossible for us to use the contact feature, so none of our problems were resolved.

One other feature they promise is free revisions. But, the live chat bot was just turning the answers around without any instructions. Since the agent on the phone wasnโ€™t an English-speaking agent, we never got a chance to get our paper revised for free.


Overall, is a legit, but not a quality service. Their website is as bad as their reputation, and theyโ€™ve just started selling papers a few years ago. Here are some of the reasons why we donโ€™t recommend them:

  • Vague website information
  • No discount or loyalty program
  • Bad reputation for quality
  • Very bad customer support
  1. Lilly Lilly

    I was really disappointed with the quality of the paper and to say the truth, price is higher than average on the market. I don’t recommend this service to anyone

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