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1 9.8/10

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-UK Based Company

-Price starts from £16.84 per page

2 9.6/10

-Writers with MA/PHD Degree

-100% Custom written papers

-Price starts from £14.36

3 uk bestessays 9.4/10

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UKAssignmentsHelp Review













Time is a rare commodity especially for students with plenty of workload, assignments, events and other work to attend to. When faced with a looming deadline, the first thing that the students do is search for an essay writing service that can help them finish their assignment on time and with good grades. Fortunately for students in the UK, there are plenty of such sites available. UK Assignments Help prides in delivering plagiarism free top-quality writing services to students from the UK.

If you do an online search for writing services in the UK, you will find numerous sites promising best quality and prices. A premium writing service is one that delivers superior quality work on time and at competitive prices. Unique, plagiarism free and original writing are hallmarks of a top-rated services.

UK assignments help assures that it is one such company that offers a wide range of services at affordable prices. This review will cover all the important details you want to know about the services it offers including its features, pricing, discounts and other details. Is the site affordable? Should you rely on this site for your writing needs? Read on to know whether the service is worth your time.

UKassignmentshelp Services Overview

The services offered by a writing service remain as solid proof of the extent of their expertise and experience. UKassignmentshelp lets you down in this aspect. There are not many services listed at the site.  The academic services listed at the site include the following

  • Essay
  • Thesis
  • Dissertation
  • Coursework
  • Research Proposal
  • And more

There are about 11 services in total offered by UKAssignmentsHelp, but it does not include services like movie reviews, articles, research papers etc. Even term papers do not feature in the list. 

While this does not mean that the company will not oblige if you want one, the lack of such basic services in the listing itself shows that the company does not have professional writers who specialize in such topics. 

The lack of diversity in the services offered here shows that the company does not measure up well as a content provider. The services offered can be checked either in the ordering form available at the site or in the form for call back request that you see on the site’s homepage.

UKassignmentshelp Pricing

The prices listed for the services are cheap. While competitive pricing is always welcomed by customers, there is always the possibility of the quality being compromised when the price is very cheap as in this case. There are three different qualities offered namely the basic, standard and first class. The prices begin at £ 8.99 for a page (2:2). The deadline offered starts from 6 days and above for the basic price. £13.99 is charged for 2:1 standard and the charge is £18.99 for first class. 

The rates increase as the deadline becomes shorter. For instance, the 2:2 standard costs for a deadline of 24 hours is £17.99.24 hours is the shortest deadline offered, which is a bit disappointing as students who have just a few hours of deadline will not be able to avail the services of this company. 

Although it is nice to note that UK assignments help offers affordable prices, the fact that there are very limited choices when it comes to choosing deadlines and services for that matter, make the company a big disappointment.

Discounts Policy Overview does not offer any discounts for its services. There are however some offers that appear as popup notifications on the site with limited time period. These are typically around 7% to 30% discounts, which are excellent for students looking to have their assignments done at low cost. 

But the company does not have any permanent discount offers, which is a definite indicator that the company has not planned its marketing strategy well. The lack of discounts and loyalty programs is another sore point. 

Majority of customers are lured by the discounts and of course repeat customers can be expected only when there is a loyalty program in place. The absence of two such important features show that the company does not put in the required effort to attract or increase its customers.

Other features

The main features that UK Assignments Help offers its customers when they avail the services of the company include

  • Timely delivery
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Inspiring presentation
  • Plagiarism free work

The company assures that it has a team of expert and professional writers to take care of the needs of customers. As far as quality of the work here is concerned the review ratings from customers do not look good. The paper we ordered here was not of good quality and had grammar mistakes and plagiarism.

One redeeming feature of this company is its web design. The design is attractive and very convenient to use. The menu is simple and navigation is a breeze. 

The customer support division is very prompt and provides immediate response to queries and requests.


If you are in search of an essay writing service that offers quality services at competitive prices, is not a site we would recommend. The UKAssignmentsHelp review we have detailed above covering the services, customer support, prices and features clearly shows the various drawbacks the company has. 

Other than the cheap prices it offers, the company does not offer much value in terms of quality or options. Customer testimonials also indicate late deliveries and low-quality work. The paper we ordered to know about the services of the company showed the drawbacks clearly. The paper had plagiarism issues and grammar mistakes. 

And, despite the customer support being responsive, they were not able to fix the errors present indicating that the writers are not professional experts as the company claims. 

While the low prices and web design may dazzle customers and lure them to the site, the service has not much going for it. In short, the company is one that UK students should steer well away from if they are looking for quality work at low prices delivered in a very short turnaround time.

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