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1 9.8/10

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-UK Based Company

-Price starts from £16.84 per page

2 9.6/10

-Writers with MA/PHD Degree

-100% Custom written papers

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Sharkpapers Review













Sharkpapers is one of those websites where you can get any kind of academic paper at a very low cost. By looking at it, you’ll probably get the impression that this site works smoothly and without any troubles. On the testimonials page, there isn’t a single bad sharkpapers review. 

Everything looks very promising unless you decide to check outside of the professional-looking website. If you do, you’ll uncover an unexpected number of negative testimonials. A simple Google search made us realize that this is not a top-rated brand.

Sharkpapers Services Overview offers plenty of things to customers. You can see all of their options in the order form, as well as read some information about papers on the website. We wouldn’t recommend wasting much time on this – the information is mostly vague and not at all helpful. 

The thing to know about this company is that they offer everything to students. There are papers for all levels and numerous short-term deadlines that start at 12 hours and end at 8 days. 

The deadline list might include short deadlines, but it has a downside. There’s no longer option than their 8+ days, not even if you need a complicated paper like a dissertation. Whether you order in 8 or 60 days, the price will be the same. 

Also, there aren’t very urgent deadline such as 3, 5, or 8 hours that you often find in writing services. 

Sharkpapers Prices overview 

The prices are one of the things that can convince visitors to buy from this company. They aren’t extremely low as we’ve seen on some sites, but are definitely very affordable.

Interestingly, it doesn’t matter what kind of paper you need when it comes to the pricing. Every paper costs the same. Whether it’s an essay or a dissertation, all that they consider when giving you a quote is the deadline and your academic level. 

So, if you’re a high school student and pick their longest deadline of 8+ days, you’ll pay $14.03 for a page of any paper you need. If you’re a PhD student, the cheapest price is $25.43 per page. This is still much cheaper than most companies charge these days. 

The shortest deadline of 12 hours has the highest price that ranges between $30.16 and $40.81 per page. It’s a pity that they don’t have shorter deadline options since many students remember a paper just a few hours before it is due. 

Discounts Overview 

On the pricing page, you’ll find old prices scratched and new, reduced prices for any order you make. This looks legit and makes it seem as the company has an occasional program. But, when we checked testimonials from customers, we realized that this is what they charge from the very beginning. It’s a scam marketing technique. 

This means that there are no discounts here. Shark Papers has no welcome discount, no loyalty program, and nothing that indicates any kind of reduction for any customer. Their prices are very low, but this is still a bit disappointing. 

Sharkpapers Quality Level

 It’s hard to anticipate what the quality will be like when you order online. But, we usually have some expectations based on what the company promises and their reputation. 

In this case, they didn’t meet our expectations. They did worse than we thought. Not only did the paper contain mistakes (something that was often mentioned in testimonials and that we already expected), but they seem to have copied almost the entire thing online. 

With a single plagiarism scan, we uncovered over 40% copied content from two online sources. Once we read them, we realized that everything included in our research paper was sourced from these two pages. They rewrote some, used the exact same bibliography, and made many mistakes along the way. 

It seems like the company didn’t even bother to check if the plagiarism will show even though they take this approach toward writing academic papers. When we confronted them about this issue, the support vanished from the live chat and never answered our e-mails. 

The guarantees are not to be trusted at this company. The content did not look bad on its own and would be fine with some editing, but once we realized that it wasn’t original, we could not possibly recommend this brand to anyone. 

Conclusion for Shark papers

SharkPapers is a good-looking website where you can go to buy your papers. However, it’s far from a quality service. They aren’t trustworthy. The guarantees are only mentioned and in our case, the company did nothing to fix one of the gravest mistakes a writer can do – steal someone else’s writing. In addition to this, we found some big disadvantages such as the lack of discounts, fraudulent marketing strategies, and limited deadline options. All in all, this service is not a good choice. They might have nice prices, but the quality falls below average. 

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