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1 9.8/10

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-UK Based Company

-Price starts from £16.84 per page

2 9.6/10

-Writers with MA/PHD Degree

-100% Custom written papers

-Price starts from £14.36

3 uk bestessays 9.4/10

-Prices from £17.35

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RoyalEssays UK Review













Royalessays Company short overview

To that end, today we are reviewing RoyalSessays UK. This company has had a foot in the door for quite a while and has gained a reputation for swindling students off their money. Everything from their services, to their pricing policies, to their discounts is skewed and works only to dupe the students. Let us take a closer look at these categories and figure out why you should keep away from royal essays.

RoyalEssays Services Overview

Finding the list of services that the company offers is a task unto itself. It would’ve been better had they dedicated a full page to it. Instead, you have to scroll all the way down the home page to get access to the services. These are as follows:

  • Essays
  • Research Paper
  • Thesis
  • Assignments
  • Case Study
  • Admission essay
  • CV writing
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Book Report
  • Editing and Proofreading

For purposes of brevity, we have included only the popular options. As one can see there are quite a number of services for one to choose from. Students who like to write their own essays can take assistance from proofreading and editing services to ensure their work is error-free. 

However, the problem arises in their execution. Though they claim to have a rigorous hiring process, the writers do not always have the wherewithal to complete such different assignments. The online community is filled with negative royalessay reviews for that reason alone. 

Royalessay Prices Overview

Thankfully, the pricing has its own page. The prices are neatly ordered by deadline and academic levels. It starts with $10.96 per page for a high school paper with a 10-day deadline, and reaches up to $49.59 per page for a Ph.D. thesis with a 3-hour deadline. 

At first glance it appears that the rates comply with the industry averages. However, when you look closer the absurdities become apparent. For instance, how can a writer write a full-fledged doctorate thesis under 3 hours? Such a thing is only possible if one is simply lifting content from different sources and stitching them together for $49 per page. 

At the high-school level the prices are quite competitive and alluring. But don’t let that fool you. Students are bound to get essays that are chock-full of errors and mistakes, a trend that has been highlighted by multiple student testimonials. 

RoyalEssays Discounts

On your first time order, most companies provide a 15% discount but such is not the case with royalessays. We searched the website through and through and couldn’t find a first-time discount code for students to take advantage of. Not only does this give the company a bad name, it also deters students from ordering from them. Once the pages add up, anyone would want to have a discount code to use to bring it down to affordable levels. 

There isn’t even a loyalty program that could allow returning customers to get discounts.  It is a pity that royalessays hasn’t come up with a loyalty package to retain their customers and offer them discounts for their support. We thought perhaps the customer support unit could help us with that. But that too was of no avail. Discounts are simply not a thing at this company. 

Other Features

To provide you with a complete royal essays review, let us go through the additional features. Firstly, we have the customer service to assess. Initially, the customer service agents are quite polite and proactive in their dealings with the customers. However, as soon as they guide you through the order and ensure that you have paid, they become unavailable. Quite a trick this has become amongst fraudulent online writing companies that simply want to grab the money and run. 

Other features such as the revision policy and money back guarantee are mentioned on the site. But it is not always provided. You would be hard pressed to find a student who has received free revisions from royalessays, let alone one that has received the money back in full. The website also claims to provide 100% plagiarism-free write-ups. However, given the quality of their content, it is not hard to surmise that the writers end up copying from other sources which can spell doom for a student, especially if it recognized by the professors. 


As per this review, you should now have all the reasons to give this company a pass. The different areas fall apart under close scrutiny and reveal the fraudulent nature of the company. We would never recommend this company to anyone looking for a way to get high grades. 

Sure, the services are quite wide ranging but the writers are not up to the task. Perhaps the company would do better to narrow down its expertise or to hire better writers for each service offered. The prices charged are not too high, but when one considers that there are no discounts to avail, one invariably feels the brunt of the pages adding up. 

Other features such as the customer service and revision policies seem to be in place only as a formality. They are there on paper but rarely do they work for the students. Therefore, if you’re going to order from an online writing company do yourself a favor and cross royal essays off your list. 

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