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Rank Company Rating Features Details
1 uk bestessays 10/10

-Prices from £17.35

-Promo code for 20% Off "first20"

-Free revisions

2 essayontime uk 9.5/10

-Discount code for 15% OFF "ukessay15"

-UK Based Company

-Price starts from £15.48 per page

3 uk dissertation 9.2/10

-Writers with MA/PHD Degree

-100% Custom written papers

-Price starts from £17.99

UKEssays Review













UKEssays Company Overview

In our research of UK Essays writing companies, we’ve seen many tricks that serve to attract more people to buy and spend money on a website. However, this is the first time we discovered a uk essays writing service that lies about its founding. According to the site’s information, Ukessays is selling papers since 2003, which would make it one of the oldest companies that sell such services online. However, if you do your research of uk essays reviews on that same web, they only date a few years back, nothing more.

For us, reputation is one of the surest ways to see when a company was created and how well they’ve performed. The feedback tells us one more thing – that many of their customers are unhappy with the service. Let’s see why in this ukessays review.

UKEssays Services Overview

The service does well in this sense. When it comes to the service range, it exceeded our expectations. You will, however, probably encounter problems with finding this important information. The huge amount of irrelevant, repetitive and yet, incomplete content on the pages of the website is only time-consuming. You can spend over an hour scouring the services’ pages, but the bottom line is – you’ll only know if they write your paper if you open the order form.

In the form, you can find anything and everything. The company didn’t put any limit to papers and assignments, which would be excellent if their reputation was better. In cases where the reputation of a service is as low as theirs, it might be wiser to offer the few papers their team excels in.

Still, these essays uk service chose to offer it all. Let’s see how they perform when chosen by students.

UK Essays Prices Overview

One word can describe the prices of this service – extreme. Such prices let us believe that perhaps we’ve come across a company that’s very good. The rates they offer would fit the expertise of the very best and probably be too high for most students to afford.

That’s not the worst thing we learned. It appears that this service hides its rates. You can proceed to order but have to wait for a quote. The most frustrating and silliest thing about it is – they mention discounts without mentioning any rates. This offends the intelligence of everyone who opens the website. There’s even an ukessays discount code you can enter when you order, without even knowing what the price is.

Don’t even try to reach them to ask a question. They don’t answer the phone and the live chat is basically a bot without any good answers. You’d have to wait to receive a quote, which is what we did. When we got the quote, we were in shock of how high it was.

UKEssays Quality Overview

Even though the price was higher than anything we have paid at this point, we still decided to proceed to see if ukessays legit isn’t a scam service. Since we received a paper in return for a fortune most students can’t pay at all, we can say that it isn’t a scam. However, it remains the highest-priced company we’ve come across.

Not only that. Being the highest priced company turned out to be the lesser of two evils. The quality was unimaginably bad – mistakes and plagiarism, terrible formatting, and a delay of two hours! Without a customer support to complain to, there wasn’t a way for us to request anything from them – neither a refund nor a revision.

We get these kinds of papers from the incredibly cheap companies that trick students with their low rates. This is the first time we come across one that offers high rates for terrible content, not to mention lie about its support, guarantees, and even years on the market.

UK Essays Discounts Policy

As we mentioned, there are some discounts on the website. But without prices, you can never know if you’re really getting discounts, can you?

Right now, they have a discount for dissertations, with a code you can use when you order. With a code ‘save15now’, you’re entitled to 15% discount on your dissertation order.

Since essays cost a couple dozen dollars for a page, the dissertation prices must be outrageously high.

We did use that discount on our order since there’s also a code for all remaining papers. This kind of destroys the purpose of the discount code we mentioned, but everything is really strange on the website, anyways. Nevertheless, the discount did not make a big difference to the exaggerated price, especially not after the disappointment we received when we got the essay.

Other Features

The first feature we should tell you about in this ukessays review is the support. We tried to reach them in regard to the prices via the live chat. We got an instant response by a bot that wasn’t programmed to answer anything, not even a basic question about prices. This bot asked if we want to talk to a human in the live chat, but when we selected yes, it said that no one was available.
This happened more than five times since we first opened the website, so it’s safe to assume that you’ll also have to wait for a quote from the company.
Other than this, nothing else surprised us or made us change our mind about the legitimacy of the service, since neither their guarantees nor promises turned out to be true.

Conclusion for UKEssays review

Uk Essays is a service that disappointed us tremendously. A company that says it’s been available for decades should be a great service. But, this one turned out to be a bad service with a good marketing strategy. They have high prices that wouldn’t raise high flags to anyone, but in our case, they resulted in terrible content.

Because of the lack of an actual human support service, this problem remains unsolved even today. We’ve tried to reach them a couple of times, but the company never replied.

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