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1 uk bestessays 10/10

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-Free revisions

2 essayontime uk 9.5/10

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3 uk dissertation 9.2/10

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PaperFellows Review


Affordable services geared towards students budgets.” That was the first sentence I noticed when I first landed at It raised the red flag. If these writers don’t know how to use an apostrophe, how are they going to write academic content? A professor would roast you for a grammar flaw like that one.

But I’m a reviewer after all, so I decided to give PaperFellows the benefit of the doubt. Maybe it’s just a typo. I examined the website in detail and then I placed an order. The price was affordable, as promised. However, the paper lacked the normal structure of an essay. It was free-form flow of thought, which didn’t look like anything you’d want to submit to a college or university professor.

PaperFellows Services

When I saw the list of services, it was even clearer that my relationship with Paper Fellows would fail. I’ve reviewed countless services before. When I see rewriting offered as a service, I know we aren’t up to a good start. Even when I order writing from scratch, these types of services rewrite content. That’s because they don’t hire professional writers, but freelancers who see this as a side job. I was right about that, but well cover the quality aspect later in this review for PaperFellows.

Now, the services. They cover various needs of an average student:

  • Academic paper writing – all types of papers are available.
  • Rewriting – I never recommend ordering these types of services. It’s plagiarism and college/university professors easily see through it. They don’t need Copyscape or Turnitin to know that the ideas aren’t yours.
  • Copywriting – This is a service for bloggers and website owners.
  • Math, physics, economics, and statistics problems
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Proof Reading – yes; they spelled proofreading wrong at the website, and they offer “proof reading” services. Things just keep getting worse with this agency.
  • Resume/CV writing
  • Admission services
  • Dissertation services

Paper Fellows Pricing

At first sight, the PaperFellows prices are affordable. They start at only $12.99 per page for an essay of High School quality with a deadline of 14 days. There are six other quality levels offered: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Master’s, and Doctoral. If you go for Doctoral quality with a 6-hour deadline, you’ll pay the highest price: $47.99 per page.

That’s still affordable when compared to the best services in this industry. However, the quality I got cannot be compared. It was awful. Sometimes students aim for lower prices without knowing that they are wasting their money. In most cases, it’s incredibly hard to get a refund from bad services, since they protect themselves with the terms and conditions. Discounts

New customers get 20% off for the first paper they order. There’s also a PaperFellows discount code for 20% that works on all major holidays. They call this “I’m feeling lucky” discount. You never know if it’s active or not. There’s also a special program for loyal customers, which can reach up to 20% on a regular basis.

Personally, I like the discount program. There’s something for everyone and you can always get a reduced price. But a low price means nothing when the quality is low, too.

Other Features

There are free features for each order: title page, bibliography, formatting, outline, limitless amendments, and plagiarism report. I love that they deliver a plagiarism report. That feature is usually charged extra at other websites.

However, most students don’t realize that a clean plagiarism report doesn’t indicate a plagiarism-free paper. There’s no software sophisticated enough to detect rewriting and paraphrasing. Your professor, on the other hand, can easily recognize ideas and arguments from popular online resources. I got a clean plagiarism report, but my paper was still plagiarized.

That PaperFellows scam disappointed me a lot. They make major promises on the website about researching and writing from scratch. None of that is true.


To wrap up my PaperFellows review, I’ll only say that I don’t recommend this service. Yes; the price is affordable. However, they deliver paraphrased content that each student can easily write without paying for it. You just choose a few online resources and paraphrase them. That doesn’t work for most professors, so why pay for it?

When I asked for revisions, they declined my requirement with the explanation that the content was already plagiarism-free. The service protects itself with terms and conditions so you can’t do anything about revisions and refunds.

I have to talk about the grammar as well. It was ridiculous. There were silly mistakes that an elementary student would make. My assumption is that non-native English speakers work for this service.

If you have anything to add to my Paper Fellows review from personal experience, feel free to do that in the comments.

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