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1 uk bestessays 10/10

-Prices from £17.35

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-Free revisions

2 essayontime uk 9.5/10

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3 uk dissertation 9.2/10

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PaperFellows Review













Paperfellows First View

Affordable services geared towards students budgets.” That was the first sentence I noticed when I first landed at It raised the red flag. If these writers don’t know how to use an apostrophe, how are they going to write academic content? A professor would roast you for a grammar flaw like that one.

But I’m a reviewer after all, so I decided to give PaperFellows the benefit of the doubt. Maybe it’s just a typo. I examined the website in detail and then I placed an order. The price was affordable, as promised. However, the paper lacked the normal structure of an essay. It was free-form flow of thought, which didn’t look like anything you’d want to submit to a college or university professor.

PaperFellows Services

When I saw the list of services, it was even clearer that my relationship with Paper Fellows would fail. I’ve reviewed countless services before. When I see rewriting offered as a service, I know we aren’t up to a good start. Even when I order writing from scratch, these types of services rewrite content. That’s because they don’t hire professional writers, but freelancers who see this as a side job. I was right about that, but well cover the quality aspect later in this PaperFellows review.

Now, the services. They cover various needs of an average student:

  • Academic paper writing – all types of papers are available.
  • Rewriting – I never recommend ordering these types of services. It’s plagiarism and college/university professors easily see through it. They don’t need Copyscape or Turnitin to know that the ideas aren’t yours.
  • Copywriting – This is a service for bloggers and website owners.
  • Math, physics, economics, and statistics problems
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Proof Reading – yes; they spelled proofreading wrong at the website, and they offer “proof reading” services. Things just keep getting worse with this agency.
  • Resume/CV writing
  • Admission services
  • Dissertation services

Paper Fellows Pricing

At first sight, the PaperFellows prices are affordable. They start at only $12.99 per page for an essay of High School quality with a deadline of 14 days. There are six other quality levels offered: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Master’s, and Doctoral. If you go for Doctoral quality with a 6-hour deadline, you’ll pay the highest price: $47.99 per page.

That’s still affordable when compared to the best services in this industry. However, the quality I got cannot be compared. It was awful. Sometimes students aim for lower prices without knowing that they are wasting their money. In most cases, it’s incredibly hard to get a refund from bad services, since they protect themselves with the terms and conditions. Let’s continue our paper fellows review with discounts policy. Discounts

New customers get 20% off for the first paper they order. There’s also a PaperFellows discount code for 20% that works on all major holidays. They call this “I’m feeling lucky” discount. You never know if it’s active or not. There’s also a special program for loyal customers, which can reach up to 20% on a regular basis.

Personally, I like the discount program. There’s something for everyone and you can always get a reduced price. But a low price means nothing when the quality is low, too.

Other Features

There are free features for each order: title page, bibliography, formatting, outline, limitless amendments, and plagiarism report. I love that they deliver a plagiarism report. That feature is usually charged extra at other websites.

However, most students don’t realize that a clean plagiarism report doesn’t indicate a plagiarism-free paper. There’s no software sophisticated enough to detect rewriting and paraphrasing. Your professor, on the other hand, can easily recognize ideas and arguments from popular online resources. I got a clean plagiarism report, but my paper was still plagiarized.

That PaperFellows scam disappointed me a lot. They make major promises on the website about researching and writing from scratch. None of that is true.


To wrap up my PaperFellows review, I’ll only say that I don’t recommend this service. Yes; the price is affordable. However, they deliver paraphrased content that each student can easily write without paying for it. You just choose a few online resources and paraphrase them. That doesn’t work for most professors, so why pay for it?

When I asked for revisions, they declined my requirement with the explanation that the content was already plagiarism-free. The service protects itself with terms and conditions so you can’t do anything about revisions and refunds.

I have to talk about the grammar as well. It was ridiculous. There were silly mistakes that an elementary student would make. My assumption is that non-native English speakers work for this service.

If you have anything to add to my Paper Fellows review from personal experience, feel free to do that in the comments. Also, below you will find paperfellows reviews from real people.

  1. R R

    PaperFellows website is a big scam! Do not fall for their trap… There are many fake websits to that give them fake made up positive reviews.
    Although I had a top writer but this is what they say The essay is incredibly full of even basic grammatical errors. They never follow the instructions nor know about proper citation. The level of the paper is 20%. First draft was horrible so they changed the writer and it was worse with the second then the third …end result no essay was done. Their work is nothing but an expensive garbage. Big waist of time and money. I would give them – stars review if I could. I am still fighting to get my money back.

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