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Rank Company Rating Features Details
1 9.8/10

-Discount code for 20% OFF "discount20"

-UK Based Company

-Price starts from £16.84 per page

2 9.6/10

-Writers with MA/PHD Degree

-100% Custom written papers

-Price starts from £14.36

3 uk bestessays 9.4/10

-Prices from £17.35

-Promo code for 20% Off "first20"

-Free revisions

Papercheap Review













Papercheap UK Company Overview

Papercheap has chosen the perfect name for their company. After we did some research for this review, we learned that the company is cheap. Not only is papercheap uk one of the lowest-priced companies, but it also has discounts you can add to the prices.

This sounded great until the moment when we started reading some of their papercheap reviews from customers. Based on that, we found that the service might be cheap, but doesn’t really result in high quality. Because of this, we decided to proceed with the research and write a full and detailed Papercheap writing service review.

PaperCheap Services Overview

Despite the bad reputation that’s obvious in almost every papercheap review we read, the company has a good service list. You can access it from their homepage and instantly see the price you’d pay for the paper you need.

Papercheap UK offers all kinds of written or edited work. They have essays, research papers, term papers, reports and reviews, dissertations, theses, projects and presentations, etc. This list is so big, you’ll probably find it all there from high school to a PhD level, including individual chapters of a dissertation or a thesis.

The disappointing part about this is their deadline options. Deadlines go only up to 14 days, even for PhD dissertations. This prevents you from ordering ahead and enjoying better rates, meaning that higher level students usually pay more expensive rates for their papers.

Papercheap Prices Overview

As we mentioned, prices are cheap. They start at below $10, which for us is usually a red flag that something might not be right. These kinds of rates usually mean bad papers and from what customers say about Papercheap, this often happens.

Despite the lack of deadlines, PhD papers are still not highly priced. A two week deadline for a dissertation gives a quote of only $25 for a page, something that students usually pay when they order months ahead with other companies.

These make for a very attractive offer, which is probably what kept the service on the market for so long. Still, if the quality is as poor as most think, it might not be a good choice to order high academic papers from them. Their longest deadline is 2 weeks, which would leave you no time to order a new dissertation or revise the one you receive if it isn’t of good quality.

Discounts Policy

The part about discounts was frustrating. Yes, it’s surprising that they offer discounts in the first place, but they have presented these so vaguely, you have to contact them to get information. We went through the entire website looking for a papercheap discount until we found a statement that said we should contact support for the code.

When we contacted them, they sent us a code for a 5% discount. This is the lowest offered discount on this market, but considering the prices, it’s still a welcome offer.

However, the disadvantage here is that it is the only offered discount. So, even if you like the paper and go back for more, they won’t give you a price reduction. A lack of a loyalty program is always disappointing, even when a service is as cheap as this one.

The website mentions a ‘VIP discount program’ that convinces students to go back and order more, but the agent did not want to reveal the details about this. When we received our first order, we decided not to order again. But, we asked about this program anyway, and they said ‘use the same discount again’.

Basically, the loyal program uses the same code over and over again, so it’s not really a welcome bonus, is it?

Other Features

One of the offered features is the customer support. They also speak of free revisions, but we did not get the chance to enjoy this feature. The agent on the live chat sent automated responses, none of which answered our question on how to get a free revision. The worst part is, the responses contained many mistakes in them, making it obvious that this service really doesn’t work with fluent or native English speakers.

Other than this, we didn’t find any extra feature you could select or pay for when you make your order.

Summary for PaperCheap Review

Papercheap has been selling papers for a while, but the reason for this isn’t the quality they offer. We believe that it’s the prices that convince students to order from the website. After our research, here are the few important things we found out that you should consider if you decide to order:

  • Reputation of very bad quality
  • Works with non-native English speakers
  • Has a vague and unfair discount program
  • Poor customer support
  • Free revisions are offered, but not provided

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