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1 uk bestessays 10/10

-Prices from £17.35

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-Free revisions

2 essayontime uk 9.5/10

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3 uk dissertation 9.2/10

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OxbridgeEssays Review













OxbridgeEssays Company overview

Oxbridgeessays writing service has existed for a while in the industry, but not long enough to stand the test of time. Most of the Oxbridge Essays reviews show that the company does not deliver the right quality needed by students. And that is why this review is meant to confirm how real these allegations are. You can, therefore, trust whatever that is in here as well-researched.

Like any of our other readers, you may have discovered Oxbridgeessays a while ago and are still confused about whether to use it or not. You may also be asking if they are well-endowed to handle your academic needs, or they don’t have the prerequisite skills and expertise to offer creative assistance. All this is answered in the subsequent text.

OxbridgeEssays Services

Based on the available list of services on the website, you would almost think for a minute, that they are the best in the game. Some of the services they offer include; dissertation, essays, coursework, and other additional content. While this may seem to be the essential services needed by students, it is only but a fraction of what students need. So, if they can’t, at the least, offer sufficient services for their clients, how definite can they offer quality? Well, it is stated that we shouldn’t be too quick to judge, so, maybe we thought we would see a change in the quality of work.

When we made an order for an argumentative essay, first is that they missed our 24-hour deadline. As if this was not enough, to add salt to injury, they delivered half-baked content that didn’t seem to emanate from professionals. For this reason, we comfortably deny their Oxbridgeessays legit claims and instead affirm the cases on Oxbridgeessays fraud.

Oxbridge Essays Pricing

An excellent essay writing service should have competitive prices. Especially for a service that entails students as customers, it should be very affordable. Students generally don’t have a huge budget to work with, and instead, try to save the little they have. As per our review, we found out that they don’t have a price calculator where you can make a rough estimate of what the entire piece will cost. To get your cost, you need to first fill in a form on their site, with your names and details. You will also need to provide the job description first before being given a comprehensive amount to pay. We saw this as a bit strange and queried the existence of hidden charges.

Well, after we filled in the form for our argumentative essay, we sought to know how much it would cost us. A whopping 120 pounds is what we got as the price for a 1000 word essay – pretty expensive for a student.

Discounts overview

We tried to investigate, in our Oxbridge essays review, whether the company had some discounts. This would be great to bring down the high price at least. To our dismay, there was no such thing as a discount – not even for newbies.

In this age where there is a massive competition among writing companies, you would expect them to have a discount to act as an incentive to lure current and new customers. But this site doesn’t seem to care much about providing incentives for their clientele base. Even when you order a massive load of work at once, there is no Oxbridge essays discount code when checking out.

Other features

Our Oxbridgeessays review also sought to realize if there are any other special features on the site. First of all, their website interface isn’t bad at all, but we felt that it lacked a lot. Even the simple price calculator present in most sites today, seemed to be absent on the Oxbridge site. Also, their customer service buttons seem to be all broken based on how we tried to use them. We couldn’t manage to reach any of their agents and reps. We only got responses that they would get back to us, but this took ages quite literally. Other reviews seem to have the same line of thought in terms of their features.


Unless you are looking for trouble with your tutor, we don’t recommend you to use this writing service. There are plenty of other services to use that will provide a higher quality of writing than what you will get here. They promise to do every job correctly, and even chest thump of their prominence, but end up being a flop and disappointment. Also, most of the genuine Oxbridgeessays reviews available online have an almost similar concern about the quality issues.

So, don’t be an addition to the victims of the questionable quality of services offered by this writing company. Lastly, what we didn’t like also was the exorbitant price they tag on each writing. It would make you think that the outcome is Shakespeare standard. They don’t have discounts as well, that’s the other big issue.

Overall Score for the Service is 3.6/10

  1. Janice Janice

    That was my first order from them and the last one I suppose, the quality of the paper was awfull and this is even after I paid for additional revisions! The only thing I liked was the price, it was really cheap. 1/10

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