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EssaySoft Review


EssaySoft is a company who is particularly proud of its essay writing software. How much proud are they of their software? They claim that you could be getting “a perfect A+ essay!”

If you are a college student, you must have thought about having a magical software or an application that would write up any kind of essay for you. We understand, no one really likes writing pages after pages of essays, even the brightest student in the class. Though the idea of a writing software that can write academic writings seems too good to be true, they are not actually magic. In fact, you can generate your essays from this kind of software.

The real question is – can you truly rely on them? Or are they another kind of scam in the market?

Let’s not just rely on their words, let’s test them out!

Essay Soft Overview

As we were checking out the website for the review, at first glance the website looks very good, in fact, too good. That’s where our suspicion grew. The website says that they have served over 16,175,200 essays to more than 1,552,600 customers. Such a number is too good to be true.

If they have charged their customers the regular subscription fee, the company should have earned about $100 million! By that logic, they should be one of the richest companies in the market right now.

The bottom line is that the numbers look too shady and raise the question “is EssaySoft scam?” In no way, they have earned so much in these years.

Moreover, the website looks too simple – there is no live chat option or any hotline number. From a million-dollar company (!), it is quite shameful to see these essential features missing.

Services Provided by EssaySoft

Rather being too negative on this Essay Soft review, let’s check out their services. You know that a typical academic writing company offers different types of writings to their customers. As it is a software company, they have a unique line of services for the customers.

  • Essay Master – The best tool you could get here – covers essay research, rewriting, adding references, and all.
  • Essay Generator – Generates an essay on a particular topic with just a single click!
  • Essay Rewriter – Find some text on anything from anywhere and this tool will rewrite it.
  • Essay Researcher – It can gather information on any topic crawling all over the internet.
  • Essay Bibliography – Takes care of proper referencing and creating a bibliography of the essay.
  • Essay Shuffler – This tool will shuffle the sentences in your essay to make it unique.

Checking out all the services, we think the EssaySoft works like just another “text-spinner.” However, before passing the final verdict, we would want to try out their services. Pricing

Being a different kind of academic writing company, they have set the pricing differently. EssaySoft will not charge you by the page count of the by the project. Rather, they would charge you for the subscription to use the tools/software.

The good thing is that the subscription will allow the users to use all the tools they have. It’s like a master key opening all the locks. Moreover, there is no restriction on how many times you could use the tools.

You could choose from any of the following three plans –

  • Monthly Plan – $9.95
  • Yearly Plan – $69.95
  • Lifetime Subscription – $99.95

You might be wondering – “Is EssaySoft safe?” We think the website is safe as they will not try to steal your credit card information. The real question here is whether they are worthy of the money they are asking for these tools or not.

Discounts Policy

We know how hard it is for a student to manage the tight budget and any discount would be helpful for you guys. We looked really hard and even messages them to know if one can get any discount.

The answer is – NO! You wouldn’t get any discount but you can get a refund within the first 7 days. So, if you don’t like the tools or think that you are not happy with the tools, you should ask for the refund.

Other Features

Let us clear one thing, Essay Soft is not for them who are looking for perfect essays. All the Essay Soft reviews are also suggesting that. It is merely a tool that can do three things – search keywords or topics related to your desired essay, re-write the contents that you would want to add to your essay and create a bibliography.

Frankly speaking, the quality is not that impressive. Moreover, the final essay coming from the software would be full of plagiarism. The only good thing that we can think about is the bibliography creator as it can help you get rid of the boring task.


Our final verdict is quite straightforward – we don’t recommend EssaySoft. Even all the other EssaySoft reviews online are suggesting not to use their services.

The primary reasons would be –

  • It is not a true-writing service
  • The quality is not up to the mark
  • Full of plagiarism
  • The writing feels mechanized

Yes, you will get grammatical and spelling mistake free writing as it is a summary of already-published articles online. Our final EssaySoft review score would be 4.5 out of 10.

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