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1 uk bestessays 9.8/10

-Prices from £17.35

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-Free revisions

2 9.6/10

-Writers with MA/PHD Degree

-100% Custom written papers

-Price starts from £14.36

3 9.8/10

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-UK Based Company

-Price starts from £16.84 per page

EssayEdge Review


We are talking all of these as today we would look at a company who are focusing solely on academic editing services. The name of the company is EssayEdge and our full-proof EssayEdge review should guide you about their overall services.

When it comes to academic writing submission, we tend to feel that research and writing are the only two tasks that we are looking for. In reality, there is another mammoth task that we often overlook – editing and proofreading. How many times have you got shocked getting a poor grade even after submitting a perfectly written essay? If your answer is too many times, then you should probably spend more time in editing and proofreading as it makes the essay polished.

EssayEdge Primary Overview

As you have got the idea about – they are all about editing. They are a premium editing service providing excelling in academic, college, graduate, MBA, Law, and Med School.

Basically, they are a team of 20+ editors working to serve the students for over 20 years. Approximately, they work on 5000 essays each year. So, you cannot call them a big company rather a small company serving a very small targeted audience.

Being a small company with a handful of great editors, they have a business model serving only a small fraction. That’s why they are going after the premium tag so that they could work on their small workflow without getting worried about finances too much.

What we are trying to say is that – they are EXPENSIVE! You will get the bigger picture in the pricing section of the review.

Essay Edge Services

As we have said, Essay Edge serves six educational sectors with editing services. The detailed category is too broad and the list would be gargantuanly big. So, you should check them out from their website. However, we can talk about the broad category whom they serve –

  • College
  • Law
  • MBA
  • Academic
  • Graduate
  • Medical

They have three packages to choose from for their customers. These are –

  • Proofreading – You will get an editor who will for typos and grammatical errors and give you feedback with 24 to 48 hours.
  • Standard – This offer will not only proofread your essay but also give you an expert critique who try to strengthen your writing with better insight. You would get bolster up your essay structure, content quality, and writing tone.
  • Premier – This is the cherry-on-top of their editing service. With this package, you will get guidance right from the beginning of brainstorming to the polished-up essay. You will get two rounds of critical analysis of your work and the editor will be with you all along (14 days).

We think their service section is quite clear to you guys. So far, we haven’t found a single issue with their service. They are pretty neat, professional, and gives you the opportunity to perfect up the writings.

Pricing and Discounts

Okay, now, we would talk about the biggest negative issue of EssayEdge that many EssayEdge reviews don’t talk about. This is the factor that can help make the final decision. You might have the idea about the service being expensive all along while reading this essay edge review.

EssayBox was quite aware of the fact that they are not a big company rather a small company with people bursting with talent. Maybe, that is the reason for them to choose a very small portion of the students who don’t worry about the money.

For example, it would be too hard for an average Joe to pay $379 for editing a mere 600-words essay. As the word count increases, the price hikes accordingly. For example, an 1801-word essay would cost $527 just for editing and proofreading.

Moreover, a rushed order of 24-hour turnaround time would cost you extra $59 and second proofreading costs 50% of the base price! If you are planning to look for an EssayEdge coupon, you cannot find any as they don’t offer coupons.

We wonder how many students would be able to afford that much. You can easily get all-round essay service (research + writing + editing) with that amount.

But then again, we think EssayEdge is quite sure about their business strategy and business model.

Expecting a discount from a premium service is always a foolish thing to do. Still searched the whole website up – they don’t offer any discount, EssayEdge promo code or essay edge coupon codes to trim down the bill.

Other Features

The features of EssayEdge is pretty straightforward as we have mentioned already in our EssayEdge com review. They want to be a premium editing service in the academic scenario and they have set all the features of their website according to the plan.

However, they have a rich blog section which gets ignored in most reviews. This blog section comprises of about 400 blog covering different aspects of academic writing. Even though you are not taking their editing services, you should check out the blog section.


Despite the services of EssayEdge being premium, we cannot recommend them to you. The deciding factor was the hefty price tags. Moreover, you are not getting the writing service which is the more demandable service students are looking for. There are plenty of other options in the market who can serve similar or even better work way below this price point. Our final rating would be 4.2 out of 10.

Why are we not recommending EssayEdge –

  • Too expensive
  • Doesn’t have writing services
  • No refund policy
  1. Eathan Eathan

    EssayEdge seems to have the best paper writing service, as per the name, until you make an order. They have very poor quality of papers.

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