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About Us

TopBritishWriters is a blog, one done by students just like you. It isn’t a paid service that points you to a direction that companies find to be beneficial. We won’t share with you fake reviews and stories to convince you that a bad company is a good one, and vice versa. In fact, to prove to you that we are real, we won’t even tell you what to choose. Our goal is to share with you the truth about companies we’ve personally tested and evaluated. The choice that follows is all up to you.

Why do you need us?

You need TopBritishWriters because right now, the web is flooded with websites whose only goal is to trick you to spend money on their service. Many of these don’t even bother to stand behind the promises they make to you. Since you’ll probably hire such companies to help you in times when you need speed and quality, a single mistake in choosing a company can cost you a grade, even more.

As students, we know how infuriating this can be. We’ve been there more times than we can count, but we’ve also found some services that actually help in situations where you need help. With such companies, you can strive to achieve anything in the academic field, regardless of your time abilities or your writing skills.

The marketing strategies of the scam companies have become so advanced and barely noticeable, many students fail to recognize the many red flags that show on different sites.

This is why you need TopBritishWriters. We know of these tricks and know how to detect a scam service when we see one. Moreover, we confirm all our findings by making an order, a real order in real time. All the details about our orders are vividly shared in our reviews of companies.

Our Story

After dozens of bad experiences with online purchases, we’ve decided to create this website to share with you our experience with writing companies. Some companies have become our savior, our most trusted friend in times when we couldn’t write papers on our own. Others have taken our money and delivered terrible papers.

That’s what this site will do for you – tell you what to avoid and what to use to make your student years much, much better. And you’ll get this information free of charge, in real time – whenever you need it.

Checking if a company is worthy of your trust and your money can take days. Let’s face it – none of the students have days to check websites. And even if you do, you’ll never be certain about a service’s worth unless you order.

If you receive a paper before a deadline and the paper isn’t good enough, you will miss that deadline and ruin your grade. If you submit that paper, you’ll once again ruin that grade. And, if that paper has plagiarism in it, it will even ruin your reputation as a good student.

Our Methodology

You can be certain that we provide you with real and important information because we evaluate each of the companies by using the same methodology. Here’s what we’ll provide you with:

  • Services

We check what a company offers to you and how much they can really help you. Ideally, you need one that will write all the papers you might need in the future, even if you never order online again.

  • Price

Price is very important to a student who has to juggle all kinds of expenses with little money. That’s why we check how pricey companies are and compare their rates to others on the market. A good service is one that has realistic and attractive rates and good quality.

  • Speed

Speed is as important as any other feature, perhaps even more. If a service misses a deadline for you, you miss that deadline in school.

  • Quality

The other thing we check when we order is the quality. This tells us how well the service sticks to promises and how good their writers are.

  • Discounts and loyalty

Discounts can turn prices into more bearable and a company into a true gem. They can also be used to trick you to buy.

  • Support management

A good service will have good and available support. We’ll check first-hand and tell you about it.

That’s how we do it – help you find a good service and avoid all those scams!

So If you need to find reliable essay writing service – TopBritishWriters will help you with this.

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